Top European Summer Destinations 2019

Each summer we wonder where to spend our days relaxing. We search the Web, Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and tips. So, this year we decided to create our own list of top European summer destinations for 2019. Keep on reading to find out our favorites!

24 hours in Istanbul

In case you get only 24 hours in this enchanting city and want to make most of it, we created this suggested itinerary. Keep on reading and you will see what to do, where to eat and other interesting bits about Istanbul (well, at least the short version).

Traveling to Croatia in spring

Planning to travel to Croatia? Or you already decided to go for it? Here is our suggested travel itinerary for anyone who wants to travel to Croatia this spring.

Best Hotels in Europe – 2019.

Recently TripAdvisor published their list of best hotels in the world in 2019 as chosen by travelers. Based on their list for Europe we created a short guide for Top 10 hotels in Europe with a bit more details (like prices).

Travel Journal: A short trip to Bali

Last August we took a spontaneous trip to Bali. Spontaneous in a way that we decided to do it in July, so we had only one month to plan everything and buy plane tickets.

Travel risk around Europe

Most of us love to travel, some of us are so into it that they would literally go anywhere. But you should always, and I mean ALWAYS, think about your safety first.

Creating a solo traveler

Most of us remember our first trip, first flight and the destination of it…but as we get older and do some traveling through our lives, there are not much „firsts“ to try.

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