Risk levels you should consider while traveling around Europe

Most of us love to travel, some of us are so into it that they would literally go anywhere. But you should always, and I mean ALWAYS, think about your safety first.

We know that you can get really busy booking your next vacation (and excited, lets be honest), so we are sharing a ” European security map”, ak.a. Travel risk around Europe, displayed on a map. The data is sourced from Travel risk map and the factors they take into account are political situation, risk of terrorism, crime rate, infrastructure and health risks.

Source: Travel Risk Map

Here you can see our beautiful Europe and its levels of safety represented by country. Luckily, Europe is a pretty safe place for traveling. Almost all of the countries are labeled with Low risk (e.g. Estonia, Sweden, Croatia and Spain) or Insignificant risk (e.g. Switzerland, Slovenia and Norway). Unfortunately, some countries are labeled as Medium risk (e.g. Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia). Nevertheless, the results for Europe are pretty great, but make sure to check your travel destination’s risk ratings and tips on how to avoid getting in any kind of trouble. You can always check the most recent results on Travel risk map.

Hope you enjoy your next journey & we wish you safe travels.

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