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Creating a solo traveler - Surprise Journeys

Tips for first time solo travelers

Have you ever thought about traveling solo? Ever considered yourself a solo traveler? Here are some tips and tricks if you decide to try it.

Most of us remember our first trip, first flight and the destination of it…but as we get older and do some traveling through our lives, there are not much „firsts“ to try (except destinations, of course). This is something solo traveling can be for you, if you dare. Solo traveling might sound intimidating and weird at first (Who will take my photos?!?) and this is why we created a list of tips and tricks. Hopefully, you decide to try it. We highly recommend it because it opens your heart and mind. And we noticed that it helped us meet a completely new version of ourselves. A bold, daring, strong and independent one. Let’s get to it then, before you departure date approaches!

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” – Robin S. Sharma, author and inspirational speaker

1. It will be weird (but mostly for other people).

You are traveling alone? Why? Aren’t you scared? Won’t it be lonely? If you decided to do this and are completely sure and excited about your decision, you will gladly answer these questions at first. But after conversations with all your aunts, uncles and grandmothers, you might get a bit frustrated. Just keep in mind that most people are not comfortable enough with this type of traveling. Our best advice is to stay respectful and prepared and maybe you even inspire someone do try it as well.

2. It will not be as hard as you imagine.

If you lave traveling and are completely excited to try a new style of traveling, it will not be hard. As long as you do something you want and love it is never hard. You might even have better opportunities than when traveling in pair or group. If you are alone, the chances are better for someone to offer you a home-cooked meal, find a ticket for a sold-out show or give you a discount for an excursion.

3. Take a photo of your passport/visa.

And then send it to your own e-mail, in case you lose your documents.

4. Bring less stuff.

The trick we love to use is to lay on the bed everything we want to bring and then cutting 30%. This usually does the trick. You don’t want to be dragging huge luggage on your own. Plus, it will be more carefree and relaxing to travel lightweight. Remember, bring different layers and concentrate on comfort (especially when it comes to shoes).

5. Have some spare money.

Put it in a secret location. this is a must for a solo traveler. This should also be just a safety net, in case something bad happens (someone steals your wallet or you lose it). You can put it in a weird place in your luggage or a travel money belt, if you have it.

6. Learn a few words and phrases in the local language.

This is useful if you are traveling to a place where a foreign language is spoken. The phrases or words about direction, booking or meals should be enough. However, your hands will do the trick in the worst case scenario as well.

7. Don’t be afraid to meet people.

If you want to meet a lot of people, definitely choose a hostel as your accommodation. If it sounds scary, just keep in mind that solo traveling is about breaking boundaries. And who will take your photos if you don’t talk to people.

8. You can do whatever you want with your time.

If you have an itinerary planned, it’s great. But only if you really feel like doing stuff on it. That’s one of the best parts of solo traveling, you can change your plans all the time with no guilt.

9. Get a selfie stick or a tripod.

Of course, you can always ask someone to take a photo of you. But maybe you want more options, so you can choose the best to put on you Instagram.

10. Trust your gut and be open-minded.

Relax and enjoy. Be flexible. You never know when the next adventure is coming, what the weather will be and who you will meet.

11. Get to know yourself.

You will maybe get lost, need to talk to strangers, you will need to make all the decisions or maybe feel lonely or afraid at some point. But all of this will create emotions in you that would otherwise stay hidden. Embrace them and get to know yourself even better. When you do this, you will be comfortable on your own and the feeling of that is incredible and liberating. Bon solo voyage!

Solo travel rocks

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