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Surprise Journeys - Surprise Travel Agency Europe


Say YES to new adventures.

How it works


Unlimited adventure

Are you tired and in need of a vacation? But you don’t want to spend days looking for the best accommodation and the best flight deal?

Booking a trip with Surprise Journeys is done in 3 easy steps.

First, you need to choose between Original, Expanded or Premium package, depending on your budget for the trip.

Then you choose your travel dates and fill out a Questionnaire which will tell us what you like and don’t like.

Lastly, you pack your bags and wait for the chosen departure date. And these are the 3 steps. We take care of everything else.

The best part – your destination is a surprise! You will find out where you are going on the day of your departure. Get ready for an unlimited adventure.

travel packages

Find a package that fits your budget and needs. 


349 €

349 €


499 €

499 €


799 €

799 €

Top Destinations

All Surprise Journeys trips are 3 days/2 nights. 

We would love to share the destinations where we will send you, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise. Kidding aside, we send our travelers all around Europe, from Norway to Spain, and from Iceland to Russia. Departure point must also be from someplace in Europe.

Each of our Surprise Journeys is 3 days and 2 nights long. Because of this, destinations that we choose for you (our customer) will never be more than 5 hours away via chosen transportation means from the departure point. This is because anything more than 5 hours would be just too big of a chunk of your trip.

Example: You are departing from Munich, Germany and we send you to Prague, Czech Republic. The distance between these two locations is approximately 390 kilometers, which means the trip would take around 5 hours by bus. If we send you there by plane, it will take around 1 hour.

Another example would be departing from Warsaw, Poland to Barcelona, Spain. Since the distance is more than 2.300 kilometers, so bus or train would not be an option on this trip because it would take way too long.  Trip with a plane would be around 3 hours.

We Got You Covered



Easiest and most effective transportation to get you to your surprise destination.


Comfortable accommodation with great location at your destination.


Suggested travel itinerary with all the necessary information about the places you might want to visit during your surprise vacation.


You can always use some cool travel goodies (e.g. passport cover, luggage tag).


Better safe, than sorry. Travel insurance is included in every package.

Epic journeys

Side effects of surprise journeys may include open-mindedness, new level of excitement and exploration skill.

What is Travel Box?

Travel Box is a package that will be delivered right to your door approximately one week before your departure date.

In your Travel Box you will find one envelope with hints about your surprise destination like weather forecast and information on what to pack for your surprise journey.

You will also find a Top Secret envelope containing your transportation tickets/boarding passes/hotel booking and travel insurance. Remember, this envelope should be opened on the departure day.

Third envelope is Suggested travel itinerary, you can open this during your transport to surprise destination.

Additionally, in this box you will find some travel goodies that might come in handy during your surprise journey (e.g. sleeping mask, luggage tags, travel size bathroom products).

To be on the safe side, all contents of the envelopes will be sent to you via e-mail as weel, also one week before departure.

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